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Hakuba HG-6230C


The Hakuba HG-6230C is a 3 section designed with outdoor use in mind. It is able to support most SLRs and medium format cameras, so is designed with more professional users in mind. This tripod is quite similar in its stability and Build quality to the Gitzo G1227, which of course is a real pro as Gitzo, as you know are one of the best in the business!

 The HG-6230C carbon fiber tripod is a 3 section tripod with a maximum extended height of 62.4 inches and a reasonable 23.8 inches when fully collapsed.

 One of the features of this tripod that is really excellent is the exceptionally low minimum height of 10.2 inches, meaning you can get really close to the ground to shoot. So if low level photography is what you enjoy, this may be the tripod for you. Also worth a mention at this point are the quick one touch leg angle controls allowing easy and quick setup.

 The Hakuba HG-6230C is a great tripod for when you are out and about and much like most carbon fiber tripods is really light in weight when compared to other more conventional tripods. The HG-6230C weighs in at 3.49lbs, which when you account for the stability and vibration reduction it offers is a great weight. 

Looking at the collar and center column of the Hakuba HG-6230C you can see the tripod represents excellent quality at a good price. The collar and column are made of aluminum. The centre column is lockable via a screw and a secondary tension control that helps prevent movement ad slippage. The tripod is presented with a 1/4 and 3/8 inch screw.

You will notice more weight benefits with the Hakuba HG-6230C when using a suitable ball head. Using a light one such as the Velbon PH-263QL will further reduce the tripods overall weight.

The Hakuba HG-6230C is the same basic tripod as the Velbon Carmagne 630 with the exception of any metal parts such as the column. These are magnesium on the Velbon and aluminum on the Hakuba but this is represented in the difference in price.

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